Dypsis Pembana

Dypsis pembana

It is found only in Tanzania. This is one of the most remarkable palms grown today in south Florida. It is a close resemblance to the Dypsis Cabada wich ia a very beautiful tree as well in itself. It can not come close to the Dypsis Pambana this fast growing remarkable tree is a real beauty. This is a very rare Palm one that would make heads turn if you had it in your landscaping. If you look at that picture in our ad. If you purchase one of our Pambana's it can be that size in less then three years. Very cold tolerant. It has done extremely well through some of our most recent coldest winters. We offer these palms in seven gallon containers for just $45.00 each. If you like to see these trees or like more information please call 954-559-6193 or 313-478-3080

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Satakentia liukiuensis

Satakentia liukiuensis is a species of palm tree, endemic to Ishigaki Island and Iriomote Island in the Yaeyama Islands, the southwesternmost of the Ryukyu Islands, Japan. It is the only species in the genus Satakentia
This is an incredible fast growing palm . Does extremely well here is south Florida, also through freezes no damage at all even with ice hanging form the fronds. These palms are very rare and can only be found in botanical gardens and palm collections. It beauty can not be matched would be a great addition to your tropical landscape and garden. We offer these rare palms in Seven gallon containers for only $45.00 each .
Please call 954-559-6193 or 313-478-3080 for more information and to make an appointment to see the nursery and other remarkable rare trees and plants.

Brazilian Red Cloak


 Brazilian Red Cloak is an attractive shrub. Its large glossy oval pointed
leaves are topped by red spires of bloom from late fall through early summer. It
can bloom all year with good fertilization. But be careful where you plant it.
Its big leaves wilt easily and are pale green in full sun. The same plant in
moist shade is spectacular.


 Calabash Tree




 Crescentia cujete



Calabash is an evergreen tree reaching 20 to 30 feet in height with a broad, irregular crown composed of long, spreading branches clothed in two to six-inch-long bright green leaves, which create moderate shade beneath the tree. Calabash is most outstanding in the landscape for its year-round production of flowers and fruit, both of which are unusual. The two-inch-wide flowers are yellow/green with red or purple veins, cup-shaped, and appear to emerge directly from the branches. These are followed by the emergence of the large, round fruit, 5 to 12 inches in diameter, with a smooth, hard shell, which hang directly beneath the branches. Fruits are not eatable. Fairly fast growing and well adapted to  south florida.   For more information call 954-559-6193 or 313-478-3080

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